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• We are producing a new model EcoCraft wth even better performance


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• 30 knots and less than 0,6 litres/Nm and a top speed of over 60 knots



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Soon we will publish our new model EcoCraft 8.7



Welcome To Pelago Marin      

Pelago Boats are developed from racing by Henrik Wang. 1998 he set a world speed record with our HT300Da model equipped with twin 7,4l MerCruisers and LPG.


Henrik designed several High Tech models  3000, 3900 and 5000.


The moulds for models 3900 and 5000 were later shipped to the US and manufactured there as Nor-Tech. 





Pelago Marin AB continued to develop and manufacture the boats and new models, HT320 was introduced.


About 25 boats of that model have been manufactured.

With new High Tech hull technology and vacuum manufacturing methods we control the quality and strength as well as the weight of the boats.









Core Values


  • Performance

The composition of different materials, hull technology and engines gives our boats outstanding performance even in high waves.



  • Quality

We have a control program that enhances all parts to work together as one unit. All parts undergo a rogorous inspection process.


  • Safety

Since we have lowered the speedlimit of the boats to maximum 70 knots instead of over 80, we have an easy handling boat even in high waves due to the new hull technology.






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